EZ Port 2i

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Our PWC Port the EZ port 2i is the best PWC port (for Seadoo, Waverunner, and more!) on the market for Cape Breton, New Glasgow and more! Supports the largest jet ski’s on the market with its superior flotation design which supports up to 1700lbs. The EZ Port 2i is the best port option on the market due to its ease of use, life expectancy, and floatation. The 2i is designed with its best in class self straightening bow design which makes it easy for anyone regardless of experience to embark or disembark from the dock. 

To dock on your new EZ port 2i you just need to nudge the bow into the middle of the port, allow the port to straighten your craft and once you are lined up apply the throttle progressively until you begin your ascent onto the dock. You will slide up the port and the bow will stop on your optional Bow Stop, wait until you are completely stopped then you can disembark. Once parked you will want to ensure that your PWC is tied off to the dock (we use the handle at the head of the port). 

For disembarkation, you will simply untie the safety line from the bow, then move to the side of the PWC. Place both hands on the handles of the PWC and slowly move the PWC off the port. There will be a point where you no longer have to pull for it to start sliding off the port, at this point, you will want to hop onto the craft. Alternatively, you can tie a line onto the PWC and push the PWC out. Once it is free pull the PWC alongside the dock and hop on.

Our EZ Port 2i is the perfect solution for a PWC dock (for Seadoo, Waverunner, and more) in all the territories we cover such as Cape Breton, New Glasgow and the entire northeastern Nova Scotia peninsula. We work with each customer to find a custom anchoring solution for their dock options.